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The Benefits of Live Plants

It only takes a few plants to improve, not only the aesthetic presence in your environment, but the air quality as well. Carefree Plant Designs wants you to experience the benefits of installing live plants in your environment. Live plants can clean the air you breathe by exchanging fresh oxygen for stale carbon dioxide. NASA research has proven that the air-cleansing capabilities of common indoor plants are greater and more dramatic than we can imagine.  Research shows that plant filled rooms contain 50-60 percent fewer airborne molds and bacteria than rooms without plants.  The various leaf, root, and micro-organic systems of many plants are able to filter out, biodegrade and actually utilize potent indoor toxins. NASA is in fact exploring the use of green plants for space flight air filtration and purification systems.

Strategically placed plants reduce distractions due to office noise.  Their sound absorption has been well documented.

Carefree Plant Designs can recommend an interior plantscape design that will work best in your office or commercial space. Contact us today via email or by phone for a complimentary consultation, and let us bring green into your office, building, hotel, restaurant or home today!

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