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Not only does a plant make a noticeable difference in your space, but a container can make a bold statement as well. All of our containers are commercial grade and come in various materials. Our upscale commercial grade plastic, fiberglass wicker, and eco friendly fiberglass and aluminum containers will add a decorative element in your plantscape design.  In addition to floor containers, we offer hanging containers. To add an architectural element, we can accessorize your design with plant stands.  Our portfolio shows only a small sample of our  assortment of containers. For our complete selection, including our most up to date interior and exterior containers, please contact us.

Carefree Plant Designs can recommend an interior plantscape design that will work best in your office or commercial space. Contact us today via email or by phone for a complimentary consultation, and let us bring green into your office, building, hotel, restaurant or home today!


Our Portfolio of Containers:









    Upscale Plastic    Fiberglass    Fiberglass Wicker

Eco Friendly:

     Aluminum    Athena

     Extra Tall Curve    Phoenix





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